Scar Being Prepared

"Scar", the murderous, treacherous, evil lion with a childhood grudge that has been around since the beginning of the cove. His origins coming from The Lion King, during the film he killed his brother to become king and chased his nephew destined to become king out of the Pride Lands. During the timeline of the cove, Scar has become king of the Pride Lands and runs the place with an iron fist.

Sadly nobody is around other than the hyenas until Sebastian shows up. During the first half of Crossover Cove Sebastian was Scar's loyal Butler, caring to his every whim and becoming his best weapon against the other forces trying to get in his way. Since technically being the first character in CC by being Droid's first, Scar has become one of the staple characters in the cove. Appearing in all the AMVs and graphic art for the cove.

Kingdom ArcEdit

Here is the first snippet of text from the original start to Kingdom Arc, Scar's first few lines of dialogue.

"The land is barren, so few are the number of trees or green substance you'd likely call it a desert. This land wasn't always like this, no, it used to be a thriving Savannah inhabited by countless animals and plants. All that changed when the Lion King of the land was murdered by his conniving brother, Scar, whom then assumed control of the Pride Lands.

It was after this that the circle of life was broken, Scar's army of hyenas drove off the inhabitants and next to nothing was left, but a large stone fortress known as Pride Rock. In there Scar was plotting, "This land isn't suited for a king of my stature...there is no use in ruling over an empty kingdom. What must I do to grow my empire? I'm the rightful king of this land, no..all the land!" as Scar was ranting to himself he failed to notice the appearance of tall slender being in the corner. "Pardon, but you seem to be troubled.", the figure made its presence known to Scar who immediately growled at the intruder. "Who...who are you? Have you come to challenge me?...You're..-" Scar was stopped by the being, "One hell of a butler."

Throughout the Kingdom, Arc Scar has been involved in many of the key plot points in the Role-Play. His base camp, Pride Rock, was an important place for a long time. It was destroyed twice, once by an explosion and another time by Scar's musical number. Since leaving in the Highwind, Scar has yet to return to Pride Rock or has anyone been in the Pride Lands. He's expected to return in World Arc, although his role isn't clear. With the introduction of Maleficent in the next arc, it's quite possible he teams up with her and the other Disney Villains present.