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Roxas is the Nobody of Sora and number XIII in Organization XIII, as well as the main Protagonist for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days. A generally nice guy and the Doctor's Companion, he's done many considerable things including fighting against Marluxia and Ciel Phantomive when they tried to manipulate Sora in Castle Oblivion, as well as having some lady troubles with Xion and Eleanor Lamb.


358/2 days. AKA the story that almost made me cry.Edit

Roxas basically became the big Keyblade wielder of Organization XIII - everyone relied on him... until Xion, one of his best friends, learned how to use the Keyblade as well. Then they BOTH became relied on, and that was fun. One day Xion disappeared and eventually, Roxas convinced Axel to convince Saix to give them a mission to find Xion. Which they did, however, she'd lost the ability to use the Keyblade, and was worried she'd get turned into a Dusk. After many missions with Roxas, she regained the ability to use the Keyblade(due mostly to Roxas). Roxas was overjoyed at this. So, things went back to normal... until Xion left the Organization. Roxas was very confused by this, and he went after her, but to no avail. Roxas, however, was sent on a mission to hunt down the Organization imposter, which turned out to be Xion herself. Axel then attacked Xion, and the friendship was strained. Roxas started to spen alot more time with Xion as a result of all this... then, Xion left again. Roxas AND Axel searched for her this time, there friendship having been restored at some point. Roxas eventually convinced Axel to take him to Castle Oblivion... which ended badly. However, they then encountered the REAL Organization imposter, who had Xion with him. They attempted to chase him down, but failed miserably. At some point, they got Xion back, and together, they witnessed the most beautiful sunset they'd ever seen. However, one day Roxas was sent on a mission whilst Axel, Xion and Xigbar were sent on another... which ended with Xion leaving the Organization again. This time, however, Roxas couldn't handle it - especially when the truth about Xion was revealed, that she was a 'thing'. - Roxas was very angry with Axel, and so he too, left the Organization(and kicked Saix's butt in the process).

After this, he went up to the clocktower in Twilight Town