Illyasviel von Einzbern: The Berserker's Master


Fate Stay/Night




8 (18)



Played by

Aerith G.

'Illyasviel von Einzbern'' is one of the Masters who is partaking the Fifth Holy Grail war. She is a bright and cheerful young girl who just wants fun. Illya, as she is commonly known as, looks to Harry Potter and Ron Weasley as her 'big brothers' and sees Kisa as a little sister. Illya is the master of the murderous Servant, Berserker, aka Heracles.


Fate Stay/Night (Before Crossover Cove)Edit

Illya reached the city of Fukyuki to be a part of the Fifth Holy Grail War with her two maids and her Servant. Wandering around town, she met Shirou and warned him to summon his Servant soon. Later, she met him again, now that he had the Servant, Saber, whom she recongized due to the fact it was the same Servant who helped her father ten years previous. Despite her feelings of meeting Shirou, she immediately sent her Servant to attack them, and was surprised Shirou nearly scarificed himself to protect Saber.

Over the following days, Illya tried to subdue Shirou in giving up his Command Seals, even gaining a unlikely friendship with him. She lived in a castle on the forest of the city and entered town to meet with Shirou, sometime after her Servant's defeat, she lived with Shirou.

Crossover CoveEdit

Kingdom ArcEdit

Illya and her Servant, Berserker, appeared in New York City and soon met with Harry, Ron, and Kisa. Illya revealed her status as a Master to them as they could see her Servant, shortly after Kisa was revealed to be cursed. The group arrived at the Joker's bunker and began to prepare for Vanille's celebration, but soon went to the temple of SkyCity. After meeting Harry and Ron's friend, Hermione, Illya began to call her onee-chan because of her friendship to Harry and Ron.

The moment Ali Al appeared, Illya ordered Berserker to help Hermione defeat him. The group was later taken to Castle Oblivion, then to Jail's ship, waiting for a moment to help.


  • Illya calls Harry, Ron, and Hermione, 'Harry onii-chan', 'Ron onii-chan', and 'Hermione onee-chan' instead of the normal onii-chan and onee-chan. This was done to avoid confusion when she calls Shirou 'onii-chan'.
  • Originally, Illya's dress for Vanille's party was to resemble the Dress of Heaven, which she wears in the Heaven's Feel route of Fate Stay/Night. But the dress was changed for personal reasons.
180px-Illya dress-of-heaven

The original design for Illya's dress.

  • As a unexplained joke, Illya's Servant, Berserker, hurts Harry for unknowns reasons, though Harry treats her like a little sister.