Genome (a.k.a. Lordgenome)
Genome and Guame


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Parallel Works 8





Weapons and Abilities

His Gunman Zen, which, when attached to it's body, creates Lazengann

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Genome is the child form of Lordgenome. Unlike his older self, Genome has hair that greatly resembles that of his future daughter Nia (who is absent from the Crossover Cove entirely). Genome is a loudmouthed, hyperactive kid who lost his home to an unknown attacker from space. Just as he was beginning to build an army to defend against the enemy, he was taken to planet Disgaea.

Involvement in the Crossover CoveEdit

The World ArcEdit

Chapter 1Edit

When Genome arrived on Planet Disgaea, he was approached by a squad of Gunmen. They kept calling him things like "Your Higness" and "Your Majesty". One title he was called was oddly different; "Spiral King". When Genome opened Lazengann's hatch, the squad's reaction changed. They began yelling things like "They stole the Spiral King's Royal Gunman!". He was then attacked by the squad, but Genome easily dispatched them all, leaving one alive to get answers from him. After he got all the details from the Beastman piloting the Gunman, he was warned that charging straight toward "The Capital" was foolhardy. Genome ignored the Beastman's warning and left him there with his Gunman. When Genome single-handedly attacked Tepellin, that same Beastman, named Viral, chased Genome down, attempting to prevent him from succeeding. Unfortunately, when another of the Spiral King's higher-ranked soldiers (Char Aznable) attacked, Genome was unable to continue. Char held Genome back while Viral dealt the finishing blow and cut Lazengann in half through the "gut", causing him to have to eject Zen from the body and escape. After managing to escape, Genome eventually came across Banagher Links and Leeron Littner. After introductions, Genome, along with Banagher, were inducted into a group known as "Team Dai-Gurren", a group that Genome was unsure of until he met it's leader, Kamina. After joining up with Kamina, Simon and Yoko, Team Dai-Gurren found themselves in a large savannah, where they faced off with a large army of Gunmen, along with Viral. Leading them was one of the Spiral King's generals; Cytomander. The team drove them off, and victory was theirs.

Chapter 2Edit

Later on, the team (along with everyone else on Disgaea) was attacked by a witch known as Kriemhild Gretchen, who put everyone into a deep sleep. Genome's dream was a frightening one, showing what seemed to be Genome's future. At the end, it showed Genome having grown into a man known as the Spiral King. At first, Genome disregarded the dream, thinking it was all nothing but a nightmare. But he began to question the dream's validity when he came face-to-face with the Spiral King himself, seeing that he was the same exact man he saw in his dream. After defeating the Spiral King's forces a second time, Team Dai-Gurren retreated into the underground to avoid being attacked by the invading Reapers. Genome, along with the rest of Team Dai-Gurren, is currently digging through an underground network of tunnels, attempting to find a Dai-Gun known as Dai-Gunzan.