Dark Falz - Incarnation of Darkness


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Dark Falz is the incarnation of all negative energy in the world, a Dark God that takes over living beings as hosts so as to incarnate physically in it. Due to possessing no true physical form in this dimension, it is technically impossible to kill forever, as it will forever recreate itself with a new host as long as there is darkness in the world.

Phantasy Star Universe (Before Crossover Cove)Edit

Having been discovered by the Ancients in the Gurhal System, Dark Falz waged an age-long conflict with the old civilization, slaughtering most of their species within just a short time. To counter this, the Ancients built Rykros, a great planet-sized RELIC that was then used to seal Falz away in Distorted Space. It was too late, however, as the species had already been all but wiped out. in a last act, the Ancients created humans from the DNA of Mika, one of the many wives of Kuhman the Sun King, before disappearing entirely.

Millenia later, Dark Falz's seal weakened enough that it was able to contact Karl Friedrich Howzer of the human-centric organisation, Illuminus. Through him, it orchestrated a plan that would lead it to be freed and set lose once more, but it was in vain, as Ethan Waber of the GUARDIANS, along with Renvolt Magashi, Vivienne, and Karen Erra, destroyed its latest form, shattering its power into 108 fragments which would not appear again for two years.

Crossover CoveEdit

World ArcEdit

Dark Falz was first revived with only 30 of its total of 108 fragments, granting it only a fraction of it's full power. To make up for this, Falz took on two seperate hosts; Helga Neumann, and the fal'Cie Galenth Dysley, aka Barthandelus. After consuming the darkness stored within Kingdom Hearts, which included more fragments of itself, it attacked Malificent's castle before attempting to find and kill Nagisa, a girl who herself possesses many fragments inside her body, all for the sake of completing itself. It was unsuccessful, however, as it was stopped by a double Skull Breaker performed by two Kaminas piloting their Gurren Laganns.